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by admin on June 13, 2011

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Safety Slogans

The Power of Safety Slogans in the Workplace

The Power of Safety Slogans Great article from Hub Pages – extract: “Slogans are a great way to remind people of short pieces of information or to reinforce learning”. “A workplace safety poster with bright graphics and a short message will work well in most organizations. Put it in a place where people will see [...]

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Safety Thought Provokers

Just found a great blog post that refers to “safety slogans” as “safety thought provokers” which is really what they are. The blog post can be found here: Safety Thought Provokers Here is an extract: Whether or not you or yours have had any injuries (recently, or at all this year), keep your guard [...]

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Safety Poems

It’s Up To Me // The Safety Poem “I chose to look the other way” has been used as a theme in a number of successful training videos, it is a powerful and very poignant piece of prose and is hung in many workplaces See the Poem Here. Here is another workplace safety poem by [...]

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How to write your own safety slogans

Safety Slogans:  How to Write Your Own Safety Slogans Safety slogans have been proven to increase safety in the workplace.  In a quick glance, an employee can read a slogan, and a simple slogan is really easy to remember.  These two factors can increase your numbers quickly and easily, however, existing slogans can become dry, [...]

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Workplace Safety Poem

Thanks to Scott Hafer for sending this in: Work place safety, our obligation grows, it’s not about the money or the company, it’s about our families as we all know. The obligation of safety is not a joke, our bodies or our families, we do not want broke. Before you leave home each day, look [...]

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Lifting Safety Slogans

Lifting Safety Slogans According to a 2009 OSHA report, back injuries are the number one work-related injury reported (  OSHA goes on to state that three-fourths of back-related injuries were lifting related, and most of the injuries were preventable through proper lifting techniques.  Of course, in reading these statistics, managers of lifting-related industries [...]

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Why Are Safety Slogans Important

Importance of Safety Slogans Safety slogans have been instrumental in assisting the general public to abide by safety rules.  Slogans my generation will never forget include: “Only you can prevent forest fires,” “Stranger Danger,” and “Just say no (to drugs)”.  My childhood safety slogans will stay ingrained in my head forever, and similar safety slogans [...]

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National Safety Slogans from

Hello Friends,

Here I have come across few safety slogans for our purpose. I referred it from website called perfectservices.

1. “It always pays to wear your hard hat.”
2. “The key to safety is… `u’.”
3. “Your safety means safety of your family.”
4. “Careful, careful… it’s better to be careful a thousand times than careless once.”
5. “Beware of wire rope touching power cable or welding leading- This can cause failure of wire rope.”
6. “Accidents happen when your impatient, you take chances, you endanger others.. Think it over.”
7. “Accidents hurt more than just victims.”
8. “Accident doesn’t just happen- they are caused.”
9. “An accident to you can hurt those you love.”
10. “The safest dressed man on job-wear protective equipment.”

Hope these safety slogans would help u by protecting yourself…

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